Come Teach Me!

This post is really an ad.

Better be sure you’re interesting!

Ok, now that you’re totally put off, let me announce the availability of someone who needs you. Someone who is SAD, which means Severe Attentiveness Deficit. Ok, it can also be Severe Appreciation Deficit or any number of other things you might like to conjure up.

This Someone, or Student, if you like, has an irritating habit of asking stupid questions. I really think he needs help. Would you help him? Will you teach him something worthwhile? Something you are trying to convince others in your life about, but you find that they accept whatever it is you present to them too readily. You’re looking for some poor and downtrodden victim of life and raising him up to his naturally-endowed greatness and have him eternally grateful to you for caring enough to teach him.

Do you hate it when students ask you stupid questions? Better learn to love them!

Are you the one to lift him up out of his smug ignoramus contentment with his life? You need to pay for this privilege, of course, to the tune of a hundred dollars a session, which should be no more than twenty minutes of instruction, cajoling, browbeating, baiting, you name it. And forty minutes or so where you eagerly invite Q & A.

Contact this SAD individual first before you jump in. He’ll only consider topics he thinks are meaty enough.


Cell/ Whatsapp: 65-97119005 (Singapore number)

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