Comfort Zone. Don’t Leave It, EXPAND It!

Most of us hear about not staying in our comfort zone, but to move out and try whatever it is we’re uncomfortable with. There is truth in that, of course. Just remember that something which doesn’t portray the whole truth isn’t truth, it’s deception. And what is deception? Get this – 99% truth!

I’ve already said that we need to be in our comfort zones some of the time. Now, here’s another idea – why not just EXPAND our comfort zones? Why not just become better at things? Things which matter to us, of course. I’m not interested in playing golf and I don’t see myself playing golf anytime soon. Can I take up golf? Of course! Right now, I don’t want to. I have other priorities and am much more interested in those priorities than I am in golf.

Ever thought of expanding your comfort zone? What would that be like? How can you do it? Would it be starting your own business on the side? Going “out there” to meet new people and make new friends? Giving a talk on a subject you’re passionate about? Well, start now! Make a decision and make an appointment with your action!

Share with us how it went!

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