FOC – Fear Of Change. Or Full Of Confidence. Your Choice.

Many of us would prefer FOC to mean “Free of Charge” rather than “Fear of Change.” We actually need to get rid of this sort of thinking. There is no such thing as “Free of Charge”. Someone made it possible. Someone paid for it. It is more proper to use the term pro bono. We would then remain cognizant of value involved. We would then not accept slipshod work and service, mistakenly telling ourselves “It’s free – what do you expect?” Free does not mean a lower standard. If it were, is it really being offered free?

“Fear Of Change” is what exists in many organizations. As leaders, we want to reduce “Fear Of Change” and turn it into “Full Of Confidence”. Confidence that the change is for the better, the change is geared towards what is true, right and just, and that we are able to handle such changes. The last part of it is crucial. Crucial because most of the fear of change is the nagging question “Can we handle it?”

In the last 100 hours prior to writing this post, I’ve had lots of changes thrown my way. Good changes, as they all involved training engagements, but at very short notice. Was my schedule disrupted? You bet. Was I afraid of the changes? Definitely not. When you have a deep and stable foundation of right experience, it helps stabilize you when you hit turbulence. It gives you a sort of operating base when you wish to foray into hitherto unknown territory. It gives you that proverbial place upon which to stand when you want to move the earth. Sudden assignments. Flight arrangements. Accommodation arrangements. Uncertainties. Unclear situation picture. Fear of Change? Not on your life. Bring it on. We’re Full Of Confidence.

You can lead your organization in weathering change very well, too. If you have a Firm Foundation. Do you?

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