Focus on ME? Miserable Existence!

The hashtag #MEFIRST is an eyesore because it means that people love having such messages popping up in front of them every too often. The media is full of such messages, and don’t blame the media because the media is giving people what people want to read, hear and watch. One such article caught my eye. A screenshot is provided below, and the image is linked to the CNA article, which you can read for yourself.

I don’t know what you think of “Unjust profiteering,” or which part of the economic policy spectrum you tend to inhabit, and it might be interesting if you’d like to engage with me on that. For me, terms like “Unjust profiteering” bring to mind what Thomas Sowell writes about “Price gouging” in “Basic Economics.” A short paragraph taken from page 69 is below this paragraph.

Do you think we should be concerned about “Unjust profiteering?” I don’t think so. If I’m not willing to pay the price for a good or service, either I don’t buy or I buy from somewhere else. Prices remain the best signal for transactions within the framework of a thriving economy and a political system designed to encourage human flourishing. Come and teach me why you agree or disagree. You’re welcome!

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