Golden Rule, Platinum Rule.

Most of us know the Golden Rule, and many do try to live accordingly. The Golden Rule is recognized as universal, and has been compared across religions and similar beliefs.

Golden Rule

Then there is the Platinum Rule. Many who know the Platinum Rule state that it is superior to the Golden Rule. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that the Platinum Rule is actually applying the Golden Rule in different contexts to different people.

Platinum Rule

Think about it! There are some things people want that are common to all, aren’t there?

Everyone wants to be loved. Differently.

Everyone wants to be appreciated. Differently.

Everyone wants to be understood. Differently.

Everyone wants to be significant. Differently.

I am sure you could put in quite a few more there. Notice the one word after each “Everyone wants to be” sentence. “Differently”. Essentially, the Golden Rule is manifested in each of the “Everyone” sentences. The Platinum Rule is in the “Differently”.

Did you get some insights? Go well!

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