My Memories Of Margaret Thatcher.

margaret-thatcher-1110997731I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.

Margaret Thatcher

If it had not been for the Falklands Islands Campaign, codenamed “Operation Corporate”, I would probably not have remembered Margaret Thatcher the way I do now. 1982 was an interesting year for me. I was a trainee almost all that year, and it was gratifying to be able to relate what I was being trained to do with what was actually happening around the world. The Falklands in April, Lebanon in June, and on June 6, to boot! They trained us well in those days. I distinctly remember being made to practise breaching drills over and over and over and over again for the better part of a week. We became so familiar with executing the drills, we could probably have done it blindfolded!  It certainly made us confident, maybe a little cocky and arrogant, but then, which Infantryman isn’t? Images from those campaigns remained in my mind as I slowly pieced together and internalized the principles I discerned from them. Application of those principles to conditions where visibility would be much reduced by comparison became a norm for me.

Margaret Thatcher grew in my consciousness and I took to reading up on and watching the odd video clip about her whenever I could. To my mind, she was a leader of great character, having the interests of her people always to the fore. I think that, as we salute her life and service, we need to constantly look around for leaders like her, and perhaps become like her ourselves.

The clip below is one of my favourites. May great, level-headed, leaders of good character always be there for us!

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