Rule of Law?

There have been concerns recently that the workings of the “International Order” ought to be aligned with the “Rule of Law”. That means an agreed-upon system and set of rules governing how all nations ought to conduct themselves in their dealings with each other. That of course begs the question about what this “Rule of Law” is. More important, who gets to enforce it?

Something akin to Genghis Khan’s “Great Law” could help in this regard. Each nation, each community, each family, each individual must first needs accept that the over-arching principles as stated in this “Great Law” are relevant and applicable to all and commit to conduct the affairs of life in full alignment with this “Great Law”. The historical record is not encouraging. Even Genghis’ descendants were not able to abide his “Great Law” for more than fifty years after his death. However, it is something that we can use in our quest for more peace and harmony between nations.

This would translate into Better Businesses for all of us. The question is, how? There is only one answer – better relationships. Adopting practices which help others raise their own value whilst continuously working on our own. Provide goods and services others would be happy paying us for. Focus less on sales and more on engagement. Be happy to pay others for the goods and services which we ourselves use. If we are not happy with what some provide, look for what we desire elsewhere. Be bold in exchanging ideas and what works for us with others. The Mongols instituted information exchange within their empire and encouraged the development of new crops, foods, medicines, techniques for various industries and so forth. Are we willing to do the same in order to improve our businesses?

Rule of Law? I hope so. It has to start with the Man in the Mirror. Me.

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