Takeaways from RAND article on Ukraine’s postwar recovery.

I do glance occasionally at what’s going on in the world, and this RAND article caught my eye this morning. You can read it for yourself. The screenshot is linked to the article.

There are two conditions which must be enforced and lived by if “reconstruction and recovery” are to have any sense at all. These are my own thoughts, as I do not necessarily agree with everything in the article.

  1. Security of the Ukrainian State must be strengthened from within.
  2. Neighbouring states need to see that it is in their own interests to help bolster Ukrainian security in real, material terms. Whether the United States leads this or not is less important.

In the longer term, these must also be established or re-established and maintained.

  • There has to be a unified commitment to the rule of law within Ukraine. If corruption is not stamped out, recovery will not occur. This has to be enforced firstly by the Ukrainian people, and governmental or Presidential policies will naturally be a reflection of that commitment.
  • Foreign “aid” will be in the form of private businesses wanting to extract a profit from their participation in recovery efforts.
  • Foreign governments need to keep their fingers out of the recovery pie and let private businesses do their thing.
  • Ukrainians need to actively develop more of what the rest of the world wants to buy from Ukraine. This needs to be expanded from simply producing wheat to much more. What that “much more” means has to be decided by the Ukrainians.
  • Whether or not Ukraine joins the EU or NATO is of secondary importance to building strength, investability and trade-ability to the rest of the world.

I know, of course, that such a list needs to be pulled down from La La Land, but pulled down from La La Land it must be.

The above all apply at different levels to your companies, organizations or even small businesses. Yes, and to communities as well. Come talk to me about this. You’re welcome!

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