Anorexia Sophia. Yes, I Made That Up.

Anorexia sophia

Lack of appetite due to a fear of getting fat. That’s the commonly known anorexia nervosa. So, what’s anorexia sophia? Well, sophia means wisdom. Anorexia sophia is a lack of appetite for wisdom. There might be a hunger and a craving for other things, but the appetite for wisdom seems to be a rare condition. Look at what people crave for. See how short attention spans have become. Except for, perhaps, some virtual game or delicious morsel of gossip. Wolfed down and forgotten once consumed, to be replaced by that ever-present hunger for instant gratification, for pandering to whatever takes your fancy, for feeding that yawning chasm for constant affirmation from others. A miserable lot we are, don’t you think?

You can change that. You can choose to be wise. You can choose to be focused. You can chose to be present. And, yes, you can choose to be sophisticated. In the good sense of the word.

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