Champions Use Pacers, Too!

Pacers. More people use them than perhaps we think. And I’m not only referring to pacers of the cardiac sort, but anyone, thing, or system that nudges us along, maintains a viable tempo and generally keeps us on track. Pacers are regulators. They help us get to a certain optimal norm, at least for a certain period of time. These norms are essential for optimum operating efficiency and are great growth boosters. However, once we grow, we would probably need new or expanded norms and therefore new or expanded pacers. What are some of these pacers?

1.     Wind sprints.

Soccer TrainingBasic drills. Basic exercises. The one kick executed ten thousand times, that the late Bruce Lee is credited with saying. So you sigh and say that yes, you know they are important? What wind sprints have you done today? They are just as important as cockpit drill to a seasoned fighter pilot who might have been assigned to a desk job for a while. They help us maintain or even increase strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility and so on. The basics. One of the most important pacers.

2.     Sparring partners.

Martial artsSparring partners aren’t just for martial artists, they are for people in the boardroom, too. Every business leader needs sparring partners to keep him agile, thinking quickly on his feet. They are also meant to keep him humble, bringing home the point that he doesn’t always have all the good ideas, that he can be outfoxed by even a junior executive when push comes to shove. What if he becomes so good that he becomes the World Champion in whatever he’s doing? Well, then get a few sparring partners to engage him at the same time. Preferably, these sparring partners must be able to work as a team, or they might get picked off one by one. Sparring partners are good for you. Get a few today!

3.     Trailblazers.

CyclistsThese are the people on your team who set things up so that you can put in your best performance at the critical points, in order that the team wins. In cycling events, they are known as domestiques. Such people include those willing to play “second fiddle” in orchestras, your Chiefs of Staff, your anchor tenants in a shopping mall and generally the “space fillers” who give you a secure base from which to spring your stellar offerings and performances. Who are the trailblazers in your team? Pick them out and appreciate them, for they may be hard to find!

Do you use pacers? If you don’t, after reading this, will you?

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