Comment On A Comfortable Article About Discomfort.

Margie Warrell - ForbesI commented on a comfortable article on Forbes and noticed that the whole comment doesn’t appear in LinkedIn and Facebook. So I thought I’d post it here. I’d encourage you to read the article, too, I think it’s a good one by Margie Warrell.

Hi, Margie, great article! Agreed with what you say, and can I perhaps expand on what you’ve written a little? Would you be comfortable with that? Hahaha…

I think it’s not exclusively living in your courage zone. We go through life in all three zones, and I think it is good to spend an appropriate amount of time in each zone. Trouble is, too many people spend TOO MUCH time in the comfort zone!

I need time in my comfort zone. I prefer to be as comfortable as possible when I am sleeping. Out in the boondocks, every seasoned outdoorsman does that. Maybe one day I’ll try sleeping upside-down like a bat, but I suspect I won’t be doing that very much! Comfort zones are necessary for us to think and reflect, dream and grow new ideas as well. Hard to do that when you’re in the thick of action, never knowing when you’re gonne die next!

Terror zone? Once in a while, it’s good to go there, too!

Courage zone is where we should spend a large proportion of our time. It is where growth is initiated (yes, I said initiated. Real growth occurs in the comfort zone. Think of when your muscles grow. After exercise and during rest, not during workouts!) It is also where the zest for life is experienced and maintained.

Ultimately, I think the question is, “Are we living in a state of positive growth?”

Thanks for reading!

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