Do Doves Cry? Parrots Parley, Perhaps?

Hearing someone trying to defend his views that the best thing which parents can give to their children is a good education and observing him flailing about helplessly trying to answer the question of what, actually, providing a good education means, brought a distant tune and phrase to my mind, “…when doves cry…” Hearing him trying to push the blame for operational failures in the company he happened to work for at other companies and organizations purporting to provide excellent communications infrastructure simply screeched “Pieces of Eight! Pieces of Eight!” in my innermost ear. I wrote about how people tend to “Fudge It” in a previous post and was reminded of that one yet again.

How long are we going to be content being Parrots? Well trained Parrots? How long before we acknowledge that Parliament, any Parliament by name, framework or process, is a place meant for PARLEYING, and PARLEYING at the METHODOLOGY level, not the Doctrine or Principle levels? When will we take ownership of our own company-level Parliaments, and stop pushing blame for our own failures on the government, other service providers or society at large? When will we reproduce CITIZENS, not mere NETizens?

Come and Teach Me how. You’re welcome!

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