Don’t Blame Me, Blame The Environment!

FilmThe first time I flew to Australia, the film “The Man from Snowy River” was being screened. No personal screens, then, you watched the movie on the screen suspended from the fuselage. I remember one of the characters, played by Kirk Douglas, if I’m not mistaken, saying “It’s a hard country. Makes for hard men.” I took that to mean that, since the country in which the characters in the story lived was hard, the characters became hardened as well. That’s great if we’re talking about physical hardening and a strengthening of internal fortitude, but I think he meant having a hard edge put on the men who lived in that environment.

Can we really blame our environment for who we choose to become? Would it be a better option if we choose to become better so that we live well, no matter what environment we happen to be in? Perhaps you’ve been blaming your current situation on the environment for too long. Make a change today. Change your attitude and the words you use. Be environment-friendly. Rise above it, and take charge!

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