Help! I’m An Introvert!

Path to the Redrock Mountains in Snow Canyon - UtahI’ve shared before about Susan Cain’s talk at TED, about “The power of introverts“. Recently, someone shared “10 myths about introverts” on Facebook. I thought they were interesting, and I encourage you to look them up if you haven’t done so yet!

Who’s asking for help? Who thinks introverts are asking for help? Who says people are divided into two broad groups known as introverts and extroverts? What defines the quintessential person, preferences or convictions? I say that beneath the exterior of every “shy” person you meet, there are many stories. For every “outgoing” person, there are reasons for the manifested behaviours. Every body has a story. What’s yours?

Introverts or extroverts. All people who want to be loved, understood, forgiven, appreciated and encouraged. They may like to have those things differently, but they all like those same things in significant quantity. Shall we just say “people”?

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