Don’t Judge Me!

“Don’t Judge Me!” Heard that before? Said it yourself? What does that phrase mean? I’ve heard a few people saying that to me before, and this is what I think it means.


You know that what you’re doing isn’t right, that it’s not in line with what you really know and believe, deep down inside. Yet you simply want to continue doing it. You haven’t found a real justification or even a lame excuse yet, so “Don’t Judge Me!” is now good enough to tell people to back off and still accept you as a friend or business associate.

Question. If it’s really not what you believe in, why are you doing it? And if you’re doing it, do you really believe what you tell yourself you believe?

I don’t trust you!

You know that you’re indulging in whatever it is you’re indulging in because you feel lost. You know that what you actually believe in is true, right and just. However, you can’t seem to live like how you ought to. You want to share this with someone, but the person you just waved off with “Don’t Judge Me!” is not someone you trust.

I Judge Myself!

If you want to get rid of having to say to others “Don’t Judge Me!”, then, instead of taking those people to whom you say it out of your life, how about saying “I Judge Myself!” and actually do it? Meaning go to the Man in the Mirror and tell that Man to change his ways. You’ll notice I’ll have none of that gender-neutral nonsense here. Judge yourself, get in shape, and then you’ll never have to fear others judging you! Do it.

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