CIA – Centralized Independent Action

Or Collaborative Individual Action

Most of us would have seen videos and photos of whales and wolves hunting together collaboratively. We would also have seen bees working together to keep the hive running smoothly, seemingly without instructions but perfectly coordinated. Perhaps we wish that our workplaces would function similarly.

Do we remember that people are, and have been, capable of Centralized Independent Action also? Most of what we remember come from battles, but there are many examples from working life as well. The staff of Zappos demonstrated Collaborative Individual Action as a matter of course, in their everyday tasks. Google, Facebook and Alibaba show similar traits. There are at least two things which are common amongst all; Common Purpose and “One-Another-Ness.”

Orcas herd herring into a tight mass and slap the mass with their tails, stunning them and taking their time to feed.

Common Purpose

If everyone agrees on a common goal or a common aim, no matter how lofty it may sound, then people will tend to work together achieving it. Fewer and fewer instructions need to be given. People will find ways to become effective, instructions or no.


When leaders demonstrate and talk frequently about a culture of looking out for each other, office politics throws itself out the window. This has to be engendered by leaders, make no mistake about it. Once started, people will soon discover that it is in their best interests to make this mindset of “One-Another-Ness” a part of their own lives.

How do you encourage Centralized Independent Action at your workplace? Share with us!

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