Investor? What Are You REALLY Investing In?

InvestorMany of you reading this are investors. You put your money in various instruments, and you of course do it with a view to reaping financial rewards in the short or long term, depending on the nature of the investment. You probably view investments as a good way of making your money grow much better than it might have had you kept it in a bank. You might feel that you have arrived at a win-win-win situation because some businesses might not have taken off without your investment, and more people would have been unemployed. Having said all that, do you really know what your investment dollars are supporting? Do you think about it, and do you even care? 

FactoryWould you object if your dollar goes to support a factory producing quality goods but which pays its workers the bare minimum for them to get by? Are you comfortable knowing that your investment dollar is making more investment dollars because livestock are being given feed which you wouldn’t eat yourself? Is it fine if your dollar is made because some young girls and boys become sex slaves for some twisted perpetrators in high places, and that this is concealed by well-designed “shop fronts”? 

Where you choose to invest is within your control. If you run a responsible, sustainable business and protect your assets well, do you think you ought to ensure that your wealth multiplication endeavours take on a similar character? If you do, then it is time to act. Be a discerning investor!
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