Overpaid? What Is That?

Soccer Ball Hitting NetSomeone shared this on Facebook today. It was about footballer Rio Ferdinand “…ridiculed on Twitter after pleading for sympathy from New Year’s revellers while stuck in team hotel…” £115,000 a week, they say. Of course, that sparked the ire of many of his Twitter followers, with many giving him a piece of their mind. Back and forth, ad nauseum.

So, do you think Rio Ferdinand is “overpaid”? What if you happened to be in his shoes, would you think that YOU’RE overpaid? Let’s put aside feelings of envy and ask this of ourselves. If we were in his shoes, would we think that we were overpaid, when we consider the revenue from:

  1. Stadium ticket prices.
  2. Advertizing costs for companies who advertize at the stadium.
  3. Fees for cable TV.
  4. Snacks, soft drinks and beer consumed all over the world by fans watching.
  5. Sale of soccer paraphernalia.
  6. Sale of apps.
  7. Ads on all media showing the games.
  8. Etc, etc.

Cash CowI would think that if we were in his shoes, we would be thinking “Hmmm….all that revenue just by me playing. Would I be justified asking for a small fraction of the revenue generated by me and my team mates?” Remember, the price of anything is what someone is willing to pay for it! So, don’t grumble. If you find soccer distasteful because of the behaviour of these players whom many have made idols out of, you have the right to opt out. Stop watching! Would you opt out? Well, if your answer is “no”, it would point to the fact that you do value your pastime of watching football, so don’t begrudge the players their pay! Are you angry because I said that? Good! Go think about it for a while!

We are always saying that this or that person is being overpaid. Maybe we need to look at ourselves, and ask whether we are being overpaid for the actual value we deliver. Ask your bosses, ask people around you. Their answers might give you cause to reflect and change some things for the better.

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