Positive Feedback Good, Genuine Feedback Better!

This is especially for all you positive affirmation junkies out there. I know you’re there – I can feel the hate coming towards me.

Clock pendulumPendulums are very useful things. In clocks and other gadgets requiring the services of simple harmonic motion. In a way, they illustrate what life is, continuously swinging from one extreme to the other. We have gone from being overly critical to indulging in superfluity of gushy positive statements. Neither is very useful to the recipient, to ourselves or to the relationships we have. While stasis is akin to death, there is an optimum range within which it is best our pendulums swing. The body regulates itself in a process called homeostasis, seeking optimal balance to the internal environment all the time.

Stop worrying about whether your feedback is positive. Neither let yourself go and vent your frustrations. Focus instead on building yourself up first, and giving genuine feedback to others who need and appreciate it. Be bold in giving rebuke, reproof or instruction where it is called for. You might just save a life. So go ahead, make my day. Yours too, and be a source of good for others.

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