Rapid Change. Fluid Situations. What Level Are You Looking At?

Rollercoaster viewWe all seem to forget that terms like “fluid”, “rapid”, “high rate of”, are all relative terms. Since they are relative terms, what is rapid to one may not be rapid to another. What seems highly fluid to one might be all in a day’s work for another. If you get to spend a week or two lazing around on some lush, balmy island paradise, time might seem to stand still. Or pass too quickly, depending on how you look at it. Put a video camera on a tripod for the week or two, recording all that transpires. Then play back the video at many times the speed, and you will see things you might not have noticed. For one thing, you might observe the beautiful dance of clouds and how wonderfully the colours of day and night merge into each other. Time-lapse techniques also allow us to see that water from a tap doesn’t flow in a continuous stream, but rather as distinct droplets or blobs. Similarly, when we look out towards the horizon, the earth seems to be standing still, until we remember that we are actually hurtling through space at an incredible velocity!

water drinking fountain

Not a very good photo for this illustration, but you get the idea that water doesn’t flow in a continuous stream, but in droplets or blobs.

These are what come to my mind when I hear people speaking about how rapid changes are in this day and age, and how much more adaptable we need to be, yadda yadda. Instead of continually psyching ourselves up for the next change, as though we were at the movies, we need to respond in the moment. Instead of worrying about how we can stay relevant, we need to keep our eyes on the Purpose, our raison d’etre, twisting and turning, making course corrections, staying nimble as we race purposefully towards our ultimate goal.

So, stop worrying about keeping abreast of “bewildering change”. You can handle it! Stay on target, work hard, do your wind sprints, stay benevolent, choose virtue and you will be ok!

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