The Free Market has run its course?

After what seems to me to have been a long hiatus, Thomas Sowell returned recently to Uncommon Knowledge where he talks to Peter Robinson about his latest book “Social Justice Fallacies” over two episodes. The videos are embedded below for easy reference. Do watch them. Like most Uncommon Knowledge videos, they are very well worth the time.

I have watched, or listened to, many Thomas Sowell videos over the last few years, many of them more than a few times over. These last two videos are classic Thomas Sowell. He still impresses with his reading of the facts pertaining to the topic at hand, and his values have not changed much, if at all, over the many decades of his professional academic life. People all over the world would benefit from heeding his counsel and availing themselves of his insights.

As I was watching the two videos, the thought “Has the free market run its course?” came constantly to mind. Would you like to convince me that it has? Same thing – twenty minutes of presentation by you, followed by eight questions, on what you presented, over forty minutes by me. Fee of SGD 100 applies.

Do watch the videos below first, and any other Thomas Sowell videos, many of which can be found on Uncommon Knowledge and elsewhere. Contact me if you’d like to convince me that the free market has indeed run its course.

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