The Irrelevance Of Irreverence.

reverencelrgReverence. Deep respect. Solemn, gloomy hallways. No fun.

Wait a minute! Is there joy? Is there esteem for others? Esteem for self? Is there deep satisfaction? A bubbling up of enthusiasm from an ever-springing fountain? Would reverence be relevant to you?

Irreverence. The opposite. Nothing is sacred. No limits. No boundaries. Free and easy. No fear. No respect, actually. Jaded. Streetwise. Hang on. If you have no respect for God or a higher authority, can you have respect for others? If nothing is sacred, is anything precious? Is irreverence irrelevant to you?

Cut the crap. If you choose to live in a state of irreverence, it spills over into all spheres of your life and your business dealings. If you choose to live in a state of reverence, the same thing happens, only it’s much better. So stop declaring your irreverence. Learn to have respect for others, at least. Perhaps then you would begin to have some respect for yourself.

Does this strike a chord in you? Then share it! Reverently. Or at least with some respect.

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