Did I Make You Feel Good? Oh, Dear, I’m So Sorry…

I truly am. For good reason. During those times when you had been made to feel good, maybe with goosebumps all over you, what was one positive growth outcome you experienced? Lasting growth experience, not a bout of I’ll-do-it-because-I-feel-so-amped kind of thing? Right. I didn’t think so either.

satisfactionAnything wrong with feeling good? Obviously not. Trouble is, many people mistake that fluttery-head-in-the-clouds feeling as feeling good. No, that’s giving way to flights of fancy, and it is not good. So, what is good? Satisfaction. Deep, personal satisfaction knowing that you have done your best, and you have done a great job, no matter what the circumstances. That you have done all in your power to influence people for good, to grow beyond themselves. That is the genuine feeling of good.

I get that feeling often. Do you?

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