When You Wish Upon A Star

Dream StarMakes no difference who you are. Sweet dreams, just as you please, for who am I to risk debris? It seems to me that what many people call dreams are shattered again and again, yet we dream on, desperately clinging on to the hope that one day, that dream would become real. After all, we’ve been told that “When you wish upon a star”, our dreams will all come true. Really.

Stars have no power to fulfill our dreams, we all know that. Why then do we hold on to fantasies? For there is a big difference there, between what dreams are, and fantasies, which cannot ever satisfy. Many of what we call dreams are really fantasies. Fantasies are when we focus on satisfying our own self-centred desires and cravings. Dreams are much more encompassing – they include others. They focus on making things better for everyone. They don’t make excuses that we need to take care of ourselves first. Sure, if oxygen masks drop when you’re in an aircraft, put your mask on first. In most other arenas of life, we don’t need to be told that, personal survival responses are pretty much hard-wired. What is not hard-wired is including others in our pursuit of well-being. Take stock. Are you dreaming, or are you fantasizing?

When others are included, as in our dreams, then those dreams become much more attainable. Having others gives us practical handles and present spurs to urge us on in finding ways to make them come true. Fantasies may give us goosebumps, but little else by way of motive energy. For when we fantasize, we fail to exercise, ja?

So, dream on! Check often to see how much you have progressed toward the realization of your dreams. For if you are truly dreaming and not simply fantasizing, you have a course to steer by and a wake to show where you have come from. When you wish upon a star. Do it right and you’ll go far!

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