Why Hesitate? Just Legislate!

It is a known fact that you can’t legislate everything into existence. So why do so many leaders resort to doing just that? Got a problem? A situation? Doesn’t matter, just have more rules and regulations. Establish processes. Standard Operating Procedures. Enact some laws and push them through the legislature. Of course we all know that these things are necessary, because whether we like it or not, the “Lord of the Flies” is still pretty active and buzzing around doing his level best to bring us down. So, in spite of either all the protests or all the violent agreements, we still put up with their implementation and enforcement. Of course. Bureaucracies are meant to impose control over organizations, people groups and nations where self-regulation via good character and leadership qualities are absent or not discernible. The recent spate of news about regulations restricting how fast food ads may be crafted and deployed is a sad illustration of this fact. We do so much of things like this and so little about developing healthy appetites in our children. Remember, hunger is natural, appetite is learned. What appetites are you as a leader developing in your people?

So, leaders, before we add more and more legislation to our thickening books, let’s set aside some resources to develop good and healthy habits in our people. Takes time, but I don’t think it’s too late. We have to try. Ah, trying, improving and never giving up. Do you think we should legislate things like that?

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