Are You A Lucky Person?

Yes, really, how lucky are you? How lucky have you been? Will you continue to be lucky in future? Will you start getting lucky?

We all know Seneca’s quote. Do we all practice what it says? In my last newsletter I talked about “Deliberate Delegation” and attached the story of “A Letter to Garcia” in it. In this day and age of “leveraging”, “passive income”, “multiple streams of income” and similar clichés, we have all been lulled into thinking that we can somehow acquire great wealth by simply adopting some system or following certain steps conjured up by somebody. Working hard, being faithful and being diligent have taken a back seat. Everyone wants the “Opportunity” part. Few are willing to put their hand to the proverbial plough and engage in the part that requires arduous and consistent daily “preparation”.

Do you want to be lucky? Then be one of the few! Put your hand to the “plough”, whatever the “plough” means for you, and I dare say you will find yourself getting a lot luckier than you think you have been! Just remember this – the ratio of preparation to opportunity is about 99:1 so go figure what that means for you!

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