Comments on “Seven skills needed for tomorrow’s CEO.”

I came across this on the PWC blog and commented on it. You can read the blog post by Suzanne Snowden, Director, Global Thought Leadership here. I commented thus:

Hi, Suzanne,

Great post! If I may share some thoughts as well, based on what you have shared:

Leap_1“Super CEO”: Does he still exist? Many say no. I say all CEOs are super, or they had better be. CEOs need to be people akin to decathlon athletes. Might not be the best at any particular event, but they had better be very good at all of them!

woman-climbing-success-ladder1. An ability to see around corners: How do you do that? I can think of two ways. One, you use a periscope, i.e., technology. Two, you have to both stand back far enough to see the patterns in the environment you’re interested in, and you need to get up close and personal looking around those corners and walking around the area.

2. Tolerance for ambiguity: Has anyone ever operated in a crystal-clear environment? I don’t know of any, do you? What is needed is a clear raison d’etre, clear business outcomes and the gumption to both recognize that there are many ways of skinning a cat and then actually doing it when it becomes necessary.

3. Agility in decision-making: For this, at least two things are needed. One, overwhelming intellectual firepower. Two, rock-solid, manifested core values. Without these, you are not going to have agility in decision-making.

4. Adaptability in execution: You need to be doing your basics right. Wind sprints are extremely important. Do them every day. Staying robust and nimble is a choice.

5. At ease with technology: Amazing how many CEOs claim that they are “too old” for technology. If you’re too old for technology, you’re too old to be CEO. Technology is an enhancer, a multiplier. You are being irresponsible if you don’t use technology.

Strategy6. Surrounded by a great team: That is the CEO’s responsibility, not the HR and not the recruiter. I also think we need to be clear as to what we mean when we say “A CEO must always surround himself with people better than him.” Yes, and do remember that you are CEO because you are the best person for the post! Earlier reference to decathlon athlete applies.

The seventh capability – humility: True humility is not about being self-effacing. It is recognizing both your strengths and weaknesses, helping others and getting help yourself. It is serving your stakeholder’s interests the best you can, not serving your own selfish ambition.

My thoughts. Cheers!

What are YOUR thoughts? Read the post by Suzanne Snowden and let me know! What skills or competencies would you like to establish and hone for yourself and your team?

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