Empires Don’t Win. They Dominate.


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Yes, they do. They start off unplanned. Nobody sets out to build empires, they just happen. The better emperors remain longer than others simply because they know about human nature. They know that humans all have a will to dominate, one way or another, and so they play with this and other characteristics to “destabilize and rule”. All empires eventually exist to serve the minority at the nexus of the food web. The ruling elite, which may or may not include the emperor of the day, rule by dint of domination, not because they are truly loved and respected.

You have all probably heard variations of sayings like “To lead the people, walk behind them“, “Leadership is getting the other guy to do what you want because he wants to do it“, “Diplomacy is the art of letting others have your way” and “I’d rather have an army of sheep led by a lion than an army of lions led by a sheep“. Leadership is an art that can either be practised for the common good or practised for reasons that are totally and utterly selfish, while looking good on the outside all the same!

Empire WarriorWhy am I rambling about this? It’s because I’ve been coming across too many people thinking, or have been conditioned to think, that “You don’t have to win all the time”. That is a falsehood! You have to win every time! Of course, you need to know what I mean by “win”. When we “win”, it is not because of superior strength, intellect or more resources. We “win” because we manifest the behaviour of champions, and others follow us because we inspire love and admiration in them. If they don’t follow us outrightly, they definitely want us to be on their side! Thinking that “You don’t have to win every time” is a subtle invitation to compromise on your principles, values and beliefs. People compromise these all the time thinking that they are being kind and considerate to the people who clamour, whine and demand that they do so.

Now, because people are people, you need to recognize up front that you are not going to be able to win everyone over. There will always be those who will be opposing you and will continue to be your adversaries no matter how inspirational you become. Protect those you are responsible for against such, even as you continue your journey as a champion.

The one thing you do not want to become is an empire. There is no love in empires. Just control and domination. Manipulating of people by pushing “hot buttons.” Playing communities off against each other. Don’t try to fight an empire. Just be a centre of nobility and attractiveness yourself. People in your sphere of influence will benefit, and that is all, really, that matters.

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