That’s Entertainment! The News!

BroadcasterOne of the unhealthiest appetites we develop as humans is the appetite for amusement, for entertainment. The word “muse” means “to think”. “Amuse” means “not to think”. Entertainment today is largely amusement. If any creativity is involved, it is largely in the domain of the crass and grotesque, disguised thinly as wit. People have become so addicted to juicy bits of information that they are largely unable to appreciate the really good stuff anymore. This is perhaps paralleled by our insatiable addiction to junk food despite all the hue and cry surrounding those.
The news has adapted marvellously to profit from this base addiction. It has to be entertaining, or the conglomerates would lose money. It is delivered in small bites in order to accommodate small mouths that have been stunted by decades of malnutrition and outright poisoning. It has to cater to the whims and fancies of consumers trained for years as reactionary fools. The masses are no longer able to enjoy good solid food, and must be fed with diluted milk stripped of nutrition, and therefore in dire need of being “fortified”. Gluten and anything related to carbohydrates, which most know simply as “carbs”, had been demonized to the grief of nutritionists in the know and to the glee of many in “healthcare”, who are now able to peddle many more “anti-stimulants” to counteract the effects of excessive “antioxidants”. Memory is so short-lived that the same tricks used to beguile a highly insecure population into grabbing stuff they didn’t need are being used again and again today. Perspective is short because there are simply too many distractions harrying the besotted minds of our highly schooled and undiscerning populace.
FunAm I against fun? Not at all! Nay, wholesome fun that brings with it great satisfaction is what we ought to have now and again. Good, solid, quality work is fun, is it not? You can’t say the same for mindlessly numbing entertainment. Read the news, by all means. Stay on top of what people are fed and told to think in general. And get more in-depth analyses for yourself, even as you conduct your own.
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