Make Yourself Redundant!

RedundantI’ve written previously about how you ought to make your CEO redundant. Now, guess what? Yes, YOU! In fact, if you aren’t hard at work making yourself redundant if you happen to work for me, I will fire you the next chance I get! Huh? What gives?

Remember what I said about two-thirds? If you were running your own outfit, would that be what you greatly desire from your people? Two-thirds of their resources while at work. The other third reserved for dreaming and growing in greatness as persons. Would you prefer a company of sheep led by a lion or a company of lions led by a lion king? Your own answer might surprise you. For many reading this, I say that your answer should worry you. Deeply.

What if you’re working for someone? Have you demonstrated that you are redundant? Have you moulded your work sphere so well that it wouldn’t matter whether you showed up at the office or not? All anyone might need from you is the occasional phone call or short email asking for advice? Does that make you fear being fired? Why should it? Why should an employer fire you for helping him make tons of money? If you have that sort of fear, examine closely your reasons for being there in the first place! If you do have that sort of fear, it is NOT the time for you to go somewhere else or to strike out on your own! You are not prepared and you will not succeed! You will only be ready to move when you have no fear of being fired. How are you growing yourself towards that on a daily basis? It is not too late to start!

Well, what else are you expecting me to share with you? You already know the answer. Get to it!

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