Minding The Elephant.

Elephant Mule

From Microsoft Clip Art

Are we led more by Reason or are we led more by Emotion? Someone once said that we are led by both. Reason and Emotion are like two animals hitched together to the same cart. One animal is a Mule and the other is an Elephant. Which do you think is Reason and which Emotion? No prizes for the first correct answer!

A mule is the offspring of a stallion and a female donkey, combining what we think are the desirable traits of both speed and load-bearing ability. However, in terms of strength the mule is certainly no match for the elephant. If we hitch an untrained mule and an untrained elephant to the same cart, we might very well find the elephant dragging cart, mule and humans to places where only the elephant wants to go. In a similar fashion, and not to push the analogy too far, we have often been dragged to places we would not have gone to by our emotions. This happens when we allow our emotions to have full sway and do not train them as we train our thoughts. You get the point.

We ought to let our emotions be led by our thoughts, and in fact, we actually do. If we dwell on negative thoughts, we will soon have negative emotions, and we will soon have negative physical symptoms, too! If we dwell on positive thoughts, not flights of fancy, but realistic, positive thoughts, we will soon have positive emotions and experience the positive physical effects in our bodies.

Leaders often allow themselves to be led by their emotions. While this is human, it is nevertheless inexcusable. That is why a third party is often necessary in the conduct of the affairs of an enterprise. The third party is less swayed by emotions and is often better able to give inputs for the true growth of the enterprise.

So, remember:

Mind = Mule

Emotion = Elephant

Mind your elephant!

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