Personality Clashes At Work? Really? Take Two Assessments And See Me In The Morning.

On StrikeConflicts at the workplace are often attributed to “personality differences”. Probe a little more and you get “personality weaknesses” that accompany “personality strengths.” So, when deploying your people, it is “wise” to deploy them according to complementary “personality strengths” in order to compensate for “personality weaknesses.” How convenient. Take two aspirins and see me in the morning. These days, you won’t even find the word “weaknesses.” What you will see are “characteristics” instead.

I’m all for focusing on strengths. I am not for hiding and lying about weaknesses. Weaknesses need to be dealt with, although they don’t need to be focused on. You can’t just sweep them under the carpet and hope they’ll disappear or maybe become part of the carpet. You have to get rid of them in the same way that your body gets rid of waste. No, conflicts at the workplace do not arise because of “personality differences”, they occur because organizations are full of immature people. Conflicts arise because of character flaws. Introvebuffalo-fighting-festival-koh-samuirts can work very well with extroverts and vice versa if they choose to complete each other instead of compete. They would find it easier to complement each other if they choose to compliment each other. If they choose to savour, there would not be a need to sever. Organizations are spending far too much money trying to establish a favourable environment for a vibrant organizational culture but don’t do enough to both obtain and nurture good seed. Foundations are not strong enough and good-looking buildings are made out of inferior materials. No need to bother with good quality, of course, paint and facades take care of that!

Children playing doctorGet the best people you can. Pay for them! Hire based on character first, most skills can be taught. Since good character qualities are becoming more and more scarce, invest in character development for your people also! Train them to be sensitive to differences in other people who might have different behavioural styles, and instill and strengthen character qualities that will be tolerant of other styles, benevolent to them, appreciative of diversity and hospitable in outlook. Not enough of you are doing that.

So what are you waiting for? Take two assessments and come see me in the morning!

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