Rated PGA. Post-Grants Action Advised.

There has been a spate of increases in grants, as in funding, as in monetary, being given by the Singapore Government in recent years. Of course, they are meant to encourage Singapore companies to become more productive, more entrepreneurial, more organized, get more research work going, and a host of other things besides. The amounts offered are certainly not what you would turn your nose up at. They are quite substantial, and many Singapore companies would easily qualify for these substantial grants. I would not be surprised if many companies start on projects involving things like increased innovation and profuse productivity just to get those rather attractive grants! Whatever the reasons, the question of what happens after the grants have been received and spent still remains.


If a company applies for grants just because the money is good, it is scheduling itself for a tailspin and possibly terminal crash very shortly. There is an abominably false saying that has been circulating and embedded in the general subconscious by now that “Money is the root of all evil.” It is not. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Money is an amoral thing and has no value in and of itself. It is merely a promise of what will be delivered for it. Therefore, if you decide to get government-given grants just because the money is good, you would probably end up spending that same money on things you don’t need and on things that might actually be bad for your business. Are you upset with me already? Good! Read on!

Stop getting grants just because the money is good. Get grants so that your business becomes way better as a result. Then again, why are you waiting for the grants to come in before you make your own business better? Do you not desire to make your own business better anyway, grant or no grant? There is always a better way of doing things. There are always ways around situations and what look like obstacles. There are better routes and corridors to take for getting where you want to go. Think about them. Work on them. You won’t die because you do that. Start now!

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