SOF – Substance Over Form.

QualityThe term “SOF” has become a household term because of the media. Of course, “SOF” stands for “Special Operations Force”, with all the perceived glamour that goes along with the title. Have you ever seen yourself as an SOF trooper? What makes them so special? Is that why you wanted to be part of them, so that you can be special too?

I submit to you that one of the reasons SOFs are SOFs is because they emphasize “Substance Over Form”. The leading SOFs of the world do not strut their stuff unless some misguided political entity decides to show them off for their own nebulous, usually selfish, purposes. The British SAS can probably put on as good a parade as any Guards Unit, but I dare say that’s not what they’d prefer to be doing.

You see many examples of Form Over Substance all around you every day. There are many things in your own life that are also form over substance as well. For example, are you a brand-conscious person? Why are you brand-conscious? Is it because you know what value the brand stands for, are are you waiting for some of the brand magic to rub off on you? When you purchase, say, shoes, bags or watches which carry brand names, is it because you are unconsciously willing to be a “Brand Horse”? Or is it because you have purchased similar items before, and you will swear by the brand name? When you recommend a brand name to one of your friends, do you do so just because of the brand name or do you recommend a brand to your friend because you have used the brand yourself, or have at least examined it from all possible angles and come to your own conclusions? I hope it’s the latter!

So, today and this coming week, do something different. Do purpose to catch occurrences of Substance Over Form that you come across, and tell us about what you discovered! THAT would bring you a step closer to being an SOFer!

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