SOS answered, but DOA count mounts.

SOS – Supply Of Supplication

first-respondersSupplicants the world over beam their SOS signals every day. They ask for love, appreciation, fulfillment, excitement, purpose, gratification and so forth. This is besides the need for air, water and food so they can go on living. Increasingly, wants disguised as needs are also broadcast as SOS. We call this the “Now” generation. The “Instant” generation. Wants, needs, desires, wishes, fantasies, all being broadcast as SOS. Were our forbears more patient and farsighted? Perhaps. Perhaps not. What is obvious is that Instant Gratification is the order of the day now.

Was Instant Gratification not as common in the past, and therefore people learned to go without what they wished for? These days, more and more Responders rush to fulfill every want, and perhaps a few needs as well. Is that your business? Do you supply wants and meet needs? Do you tell your customers what they need and how you are the best one to meet it? Of course you do. So do many others. Many SOS calls have been more than well met. So why are so many people stumbling around empty and unfulfilled? Is that why we have so many zombie movies?

thetwilightzone-logo-svgDOA – Dearth of Application

One episode of that old TV series “The Twilight Zone” showed a man bullying some restaurant staff so that he could have extra servings which he didn’t pay for. He sneered at the fortune cookies which were customarily served together with the food. Suddenly, the restaurant staff stopped protesting and started to serve him happily with whatever he ordered. Strangely, although he was eating as much as he wanted of whatever dish he ordered, he had to order another round of dishes. Round after round, he was consumed with a vast, empty, terrifying famine and could not help but fall over himself ordering more and more food. The episode ended when he unrolled a message in a fortune cookie. The message simply read “You are Dead” and then that terrible yawning famine opened its great hollowness yet again.

Do you know of people who are like that? They buy whatever takes their fancy and are still listlessly purposeless. They attend seminars, workshops and even engage coaches and consultants but never arrive at where they seem to think they’re going. Even if they do arrive, they get disillusioned because they then discover that it was not what they wanted after all. What could be the cause?

The root cause is the Dearth of Application. When you are full of Information, you have a clear and present need to turn it into Actualization. Stop fretting about it! It’s as simple as playing with Lego. All the information you already have is like all the bricks, minifigs and so forth that Lego produces. Actualization is what you build with those bricks.

So, just Actualize. Don’t do Otherwise. Your “SOS” broadcasts will be more than answered, but you might just find yourself Dead On Arrival at the end of the process.


“SOS” does not stand for “Save Our Souls” or “Save Our Ship” or anything like that. It was a Morse code distress signal that was easy to send, unmistakable and used very little power. Find out more.

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