The Eyes Have It


Aye, they do indeed. When you look at someone, whether that someone be man, woman or child, what do you look at first? Physical features? Clothing? Shoes? Watches? Pens? Do you look at them overall and form your first impressions? Who among you reading this looks at the person’s eyes first?

The eyes have been called the “windows of the soul”, and for good reason. Eyes will show sincerity or subterfuge. Approachability or avoidance. Benevolence or boorishness. It is no wonder that “Look me in the eye!” has been associated with getting the truth out of a person, for the eyes cannot help but reveal the thoughts of the heart. We generally trust people who will look us in the eye with a warm smile and firm handshake. Can the same be said of us?

Learn to read the eyes, for even someone who masks his true intentions by making eyes at you will still betray those intentions through tell-tale signs in his eyes. The body cannot help but show these signs as a  natural consequence of our thoughts. Even opticians can tell if a person is in good health or not by simply looking into the eyes and observing the blood vessels at the back.

How are your eyes? Would you like it if I looked at you through them? How about the way YOU see with your eyes? When you look at your life and your business, what do you see? Do you have a choice? What would your choice be?

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