Great Leaders. Great Networkers.

Business NetworkingGreat leaders are those who lead by example, who influence others for the better, who inspire others towards excellence and who hold a place dear in our hearts.

By the same token, great leaders ought to be great natural networkers, for is not networking about relationships and influence? Is it not about the fact that great leaders and great networkers bring immense value to their relationships? Is it not that great leaders and great networkers stand up for what they believe in, and inspire others to do likewise? Is it not that great leaders and great networkers invest the time and effort to get to know as many people as deeply as possible?

Stop being fooled by all this talk about leadership “styles”, personality “styles” and similar tripe. They are factual, to be sure, but they are but different flavours to the basic nutrition we all need. Rice, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, meats, beans, etc. Cooked in different styles. They all taste good, if you would but learn to appreciate them. Yes, you can certainly have a preference for certain foods cooked in certain ways. But choose to be able to feast on a variety. You’ll be a much more effective leader and networker that way!

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