What’s your trajectory?

The singer Diana Ross sang “Do you know, where you’re going to?” many years back, and I’ve played short snippets on my boombox during outdoor team building events to ask people if they actually knew where they were going, in a fun sort of way. It certainly increased the stress levels of the participants, but that was the idea. Getting them to talk to each other and contribute their ideas, knowledge, understanding and bringing collective wisdom to bear on the problem was very gratifying. With so many messages bombarding us with notions like “It’s not the journey, it’s the destination”, people need to be reminded that the reason we undertook the journey IS the destination! Yes, take time to smell the roses and make sure you always have a worthy destination or else change course, but the destination IS of utmost importance unless you’ve been led to believe that you should live life to the fullest laissez-faire manner possible.

This brings me to the title of this post. All other factors being static, trajectories are highly predictable. If it were not so, then ball games, for example, would have in them a much greater degree of uncertainty than they do now. Uncertainty would also be increased in ventures which send tiny capsules into space. Trajectories abide by fixed laws. Unless you have things like a rocket motor on board, the trajectory of that vehicle is not going to change. If there are external forces like wind, that can also affect the trajectory. Other than that, the object in flight will follow its predictable course until stopped by external forces.

If you play games like golf, you understand this very well. However, unlike a game of golf, where you have no control over the ball’s flight once it is airborne, you do have control over the trajectory of your life and that of your business. Is where you’re going where you want to go? Do you need to change a thing or two so you actually get where you know you need to be? What might those things be? What are you waiting for? You’ll never be ready enough to make things better. Do it now!

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