Quality Expands Capacity For Increased Capability

mobile_devices_lrgTechnology is looked upon as a multiplier, and of course it is. We expect it to expand our businesses, get us more customers, help us deliver better products, services and outcomes for our stakeholders and help us manage our businesses better. Just get some technology and…voila! Problems erased. Our quality goes up, capacity is increased and we raise our capabilities in many areas.

In our obsession with technology, perhaps it is well to remember that technology is meant to enhance existing capacities and existing capabilities. If those capabilities are small, multiplication via technology produces only small improvements compared to the cost of implementing that technology. If the quality of our products, services, systems and people is low to infinitesimal, multiplying with technology can actually create bigger headaches for our businesses. Mathematically, 0 x 1,000,000 = 0, and we know that zero multiplied by any figure is still zero. Throwing technology at a business will not make it better. In fact, many times it will make it worse because the business is not in any position to use that new technology optimally. Today, all modern aircraft are fitted with onboard instruments. These instruments enable pilots to take off, fly and NVG viewland in all forms of visibility, including night, heavy rain, fog, smoke, etc. However, if a pilot has not been trained in the use of those instruments, he could very well crash even if he were actually a very skilled pilot! A business should seek to grow capabilities and capacities at least in tandem with taking on new technologies!

So make sure that we have quality first. If we have high quality, we would naturally seek greater optimization, and one way is via technology. Remember, quality first. Then our capacity for greater capabilities would be enhanced and we can absorb new technology seamlessly and actually enjoy using it. Gives us more time to be more creative in other ares as well!

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