Quantity…Stress. Quality…Best!

SheepThat’s something along the lines of “Four legs good…two legs baaad!” Think about it! I’m not saying that we should avoid quantity-based businesses or reduce quantity for the sake of reducing quantity. What I am saying is that large volumes, quantity businesses, may have a greater tendency to have very thin profit margins. Therefore, even if there are astronomical sales, the business might actually be going out of business. George Friedman’s example of making a dress that costs $10 and selling it for $9, hoping to make money on volume, is perhaps stretching it a little, but you get the point.

The other idea that has fixed itself in the general mindset is that, in order to get more, you have to work more. While this is of course true, it is not the only factor. I am all for being diligent, but I am against doing mindless work of little or even no or negative value. While automating, we ought always to be looking for more creative and more fulfilling work. It is not the amount of work we do that is of value, it is the amount of valuable work.

Finally, the best work is delivered when there are quality relationships. I do not count mutual bribery in this category. What I mean is that you have developed a level of trust with your clients and customers to the level where, all other things like pricing and product features being equal, your clients and customers would still choose to work with you simply because you have great relationships with them.

So, remember, “Quantity…stress. Quality…best!” Go forth and create great relationships, meaning both new relationships and existing ones. When that happens, it won’t matter so much whether you’re dealing in commodities or dealing in the high end. Great relationships make all the difference. They will ensure that you work things out well!

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