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A Continuum Or A Thermocline? Both!

Somebody shared this on Marketing Weekly. I was intrigued and watched the whole video. Yes, all 55 minutes of it. Twice. Mark Ritson does make a lot of sense. With our Hellenistic mindset, we have again divided digital marketing from “traditional” marketing and so on. “TV and radio are dead” and similar catchphrases are trumpeted […]

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If You Need External Funding, Do You Have A Viable Business?

I have the military to thank for this concept. That is, when you’ve been assigned a mission, you are expected to assume that all resources necessary for the successful prosecution of the mission have been allocated. If you request for more resources, that request is always predicated on the assumption that it will accelerate the […]

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Why I Find Marketing So Difficult

The TSA was birthed in the US because of concerns over the changing security landscape. However, a different TSA had already existed long before that – the Terminally Self-Absorbed. This is a class of people for whom Self has taken the preeminence. This class has been growing, and is the main reason why I find […]

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If You Are Great At Selling, You Must Be A Person Delivering Great Value!

Would you agree with that statement? Of course you would! Great salespersons are always the rock stars, aren’t they? More pay, more incentives, maybe not so much more benefits, but which great salesperson needs those, anyway? You see books about great salespersons, you might have attended courses about selling like one of those great  salespersons, and […]

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Quantity…Stress. Quality…Best!

That’s something along the lines of “Four legs good…two legs baaad!” Think about it! I’m not saying that we should avoid quantity-based businesses or reduce quantity for the sake of reducing quantity. What I am saying is that large volumes, quantity businesses, may have a greater tendency to have very thin profit margins. Therefore, even […]

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Marketing Your Brand?

It seems that everyone is being encouraged to be a marketer these days. The Net’s a stage where each plays a part, and mine a blog one. I just checked – there are about 68 million WordPress blogs alone, not counting the many others. Each one is a marketing tool by default. Of course, quality […]

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