S.P.C.A. – Successful People CHOOSE Action!

SPCAHave you heard that successful people take action? Yes, they certainly do! As I was pondering on this yesterday, the letters “SPCA” flashed across my mind. “Successful People CHOOSE Action”!

Am I just playing with publicity? Absolutely not! So, what’s the difference? None. It’s not about whether there is a difference, it’s about going a step further, thinking through what we ought next to do. It struck me that so many people take action for the sake of taking action, just so that they can be seen to be doing something, or to appease their own consciences, which in this case would probably be rather misguided. No, we should never take action just for the sake of taking action. The actions we take ought to be purposeful, even if we might not be very clear as to possible outcomes. For example, if you don’t know what to do about a certain situation that seems to demand some action on your part, you might try making preparations for possible action by gathering and organizing resources, conducting some quick research on the situation, or you might prepare for the coming action by going to sleep first. Whatever purposeful action you do would stem from how you feel about it, what you believe would be the best thing to do.

For the above to happen, you would need to be well-grounded, centered, and well trained. Well-grounded in character qualities of decisiveness, discernment, boldness, determination and wisdom. Centered in the sure knowledge that you have done everything you possibly could have done in response to the situation. Well-trained in the technicalities, which gives you confidence that you are prepared to tackle the situation. Or if not, you know where to find the resources.

So, successful people don’t just take action, they choose action. The right action. At the right time. They do so because they are grounded, centered and trained. Did someone say training is irrelevant? No, it’s part of people development. Remember, it’s S.P.C.A.!

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