Specific IS Terrific!

And what, specifically, does that mean? We have all heard that we need to be pretty precise when telling people about what we do, about the goods and services we offer, about what value we can add to their businesses and their lives. I have noticed that many of us, in trying to live the mantra, work out a few immaculately-crafted lines which theoretically are to be used when telling others about the fantastic impact we will make in different situations and contexts. I think that needs to be sorted out. We need to understand that we have to be very specific in our core purpose and our core values, but that we need to be specifically flexible and adaptable when living out our core values and our purpose in everyday situations, which come in a myriad of permutations and combinations.


Take the global land and sea trade routes, for example. We think in terms of land routes and sea routes because sending and receiving goods by sea and by land are currently the most cost-effective ways of doing so. Our vehicles, our cargo transporters, are designed to follow the paths of least resistance over sea and land. Now, due to the nature of geography, which includes the characteristics of both land and sea, we find that there are choke points forcing the flow of traffic into bottlenecks. If those bottlenecks become impassable, trade ceases to flow. That is something most undesirable, so nations attempt to ensure that those choke points remain open, because viable bypasses are usually not attractive enough for continuous use. Securing those bottlenecks thus becomes a very specific goal and purpose for nations wanting to ensure that trade remains open.

What if trade routes via air become commercially viable? What if airships or other equivalent form of cheap, efficient, effective, viable and reliable form of transporting bulky and heavy cargo by air became a reality? The urgent need to secure land and sea choke points would be diminished. There are far fewer choke points in the air, although I am sure there must be some, but the need to secure those choke points would be obviated by the enormous availability of bypasses. In that case, specific goals for the security of trade might include the ability to keep large volumes of the atmosphere safe for both passengers as well as cargo. “Landlocked” nations would be given a new lease of economic vibrancy as well!

If our purpose is specific, then we do not need to be given specific directions for every step. We are expected to exercise discretion when we know the intention of higher command. The fearful and unbelieving do not want to be obedient in the interests of all in the company they work in, so they go by the terms of their employment contract: “I was not wrong, I was in compliance.” Being specific by repeating mantras falls into this category. How specific, then, would you want to be?

I recommend you go along this line:

~ Be specific and steadfast in purpose, and be flexible and adaptable in execution ~

I suspect you’d bring your business to higher levels if you do that. See you at Angels 50!

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