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Changing Our Words. Negative To Positive.

On 26 Oct 2012, Anthony Robbins posted an article on LinkedIn. It was shared by Horace Tee and was titled “Change Your Words, Change Your Life: The Simplest Tool I Know for Immediately Transforming the Quality of Your Life“. As I read the article, a few thoughts came to me. One of the main functions of a leader is […]

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I Love You Just The Way You Are…But Too Much To Let You Remain That Way

This came to me after I’d finished delivering a short introduction to behavioural styles to the C-suite of an international insurance company in Kuala Lumpur. I realized that the old song by Billy Joel, which is the first part of the title, described how we ought to relate to others, especially those with behavioural styles […]

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Really Significant Talent

Say “Talent”, and what springs to mind? A cursory glance at the dictionary would seem to indicate the existence of some special ability or an enhanced capacity to perform excellently in a given field or fields. Other words which may come to mind are “rare”, “gifted”, “special”, and so forth. It has become fashionable to […]

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