World Best. Not Best For You.

Singapore World BestAll of us want the best for ourselves. We want the best for our people. We want to leave a legacy that says we did our utmost, we were great guys, we were the most inspiring influence for future generations. We want our people to remember that we gave them the most benefits, the highest-value remuneration packages, the best family-friendly work arrangements. We want to be remembered as parents who gave our children expressly erudite education, the homeliest homes, exhilarating holidays, the best everything. We want to be known as the friendliest of friends, the most accepting, the most gracious, the most understanding of people. In short, world best!

This is all well and good. To a point. We need to realize that what is best in the world may not be best for that special employee. The best university course may not be the most ergonomic for your son. The most flexible employee benefit plans, which are hailed by so many others and spread virally across every imaginable medium, may actually be the very thing that brings your company to its knees.

There is only one best. That is the best we give of ourselves to others. It is how we adapt and contextualize what we can offer to our stakeholders. It is how we adapt our styles to that of our people in our companies, so that they will arrive at their destinations saying “We did it ourselves.” It is how we as leaders take in the choicest of what others give to us as well, and grow little by little every day. That is what will make people remember us with joy and gratitude after we are gone.

Remember, it may be world best, but for you and your people, it may not be best. How can you be the best for those you are responsible for? Share with us!

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