200 SMRT Bus Drivers Go On Strike. Hmmm…

This has been in the news recently. First of all, let it be known that I only approve of one form of striking. Which is wear black armbands and continue to work. My idea of a strike. From the Japanese and Koreans, I’m told.

Were you forced to sign on the dotted line? Did you read the contract first before signing? If not, you have yourself to blame. If you happen to be working in essential services that support infrastructure, public health, water, food, energy, etc., you have a moral obligation to continue working in order to ensure that such services continue as designed. If you think that your employer is treating you in an unfair manner, there are avenues for the airing of your grievances. If you are not satisfied, you can go work somewhere else, assuming that the contract you signed did not include a minimum period of service clause. In other words, you need to do what you said you would do. Your employer did not promise you wage increases were guaranteed at whatever time period. Your employer did not promise that your wages would be the same as that given to others. You agreed with your employer that you would give your valued services for a specified value. So what’s your beef?

On the other hand, to the employer, you need to ensure, not fairness, but rather justice. Yes, there are certain laws and regulations governing how citizens of other nations working in your country are to be remunerated. You ought to figure out how not to allow that to become a bone of contention. As the old Arab saying goes, “If you ride a good horse, do you care in which country it was born?” Give a just value for received equivalent value. Treat everyone like human beings. Go figure.

At the same time, if you, the employer, know and understand that laws and regulations have been violated, then you ought to administer the consequences for such violation. Otherwise, your entire system will be held in question and you will fall into disrepute.

Treat people like people. Enforce justice throughout. Do what you said you would do!

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