Deeper Definitions

Bodybuilder LadyWe are enamoured of highly-sculpted bodies, rippling with high-definition muscle. Even couch potatoes secretly wish they could all be like that to some degree. We may not all want to have the huge muscle mass, but most, if not all of us, would certainly like a well-toned, fit and healthy look. We want to be remembered as such, we carry this image in our minds and we even want to look that way when we grow older. We want that visible definition that is clearly seen. We are not bothered by the deeper definitions on the inside which we all ought to develop.

Bodybuilder ManDesiring visible muscular definition is something laudable, but in a minor sort of fashion. For we will not be well served by that rippling muscled body if we have medical issues on the inside. So, we do need to ensure that, while we obtain that beautiful body, we maintain our health and vitality at peak levels, too. One way is not to take supplements. I know I will draw a lot of flak and ire here, but supplements aren’t all they’re made out to be. Grow your own food if possible, forgive yourself and others, don’t harbour bitterness and you’ll be way healthier than most of the planet.

Have you also considered your inner being? What does he or she look like? Do you see the same muscled, toned, healthy glow when you look into your soul? What about your business, your organization? When people think about your brand, what comes to their mind?

Time to get to work. To get your people working hard, drinking lots of water and eating right. With lots of rest and dream time thrown in, too. Then maybe your rock-hard, well-defined body would truly be representative of your soul, and what your brand really is.

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