Not Getting Paid What You Deserve? Oh, Of Course!

Getting PaidYou might think you’re getting paid too little for what you do, and what you contribute. On the other hand, if you’re really honest with yourself, you might actually admit to the fact that you’re really being paid far too much!

How do you think you ought to be paid? By virtue of good pedigree, for example, you have an MBA from the Harvard Business School? By virtue of your dedication to the company, evidenced by the long hours of work you put in regularly? Or do you think you ought to get paid commensurately with the amount of actual value, tangible and intangible, that you bring to the company?

I do not think for one minute that MBAs are useless. Nor do I turn up my nose at a person genuinely dedicated to his work. Having achieved an MBA is not a small achievement. Bosses would die for the dedication displayed by many of you who read this. My point is this – do your certifications and long hours of dedicated work translate into good and profitable business outcomes? Have you been instrumental in making the business, whether your Boss’ or your own, more valuable with each passing day? Do your customers love paying you for what you offer? Do your suppliers eagerly seek your business because you are a good paymaster? Do your clients speak well about you to their clients? If so, then it is quite likely that you have been paid too little. If not, look to yourself. The next exit interview might be your own.

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