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“Beesywork” Good…busywork baaad…beesywork good…busywork baaad…

Very Busy “But I’m very busy,” you exclaim. “With what?” you might be asked in return. Busywork is no doubt the bane of productivity at the workplace. Then again, what IS “busywork” anyway? says “…work assigned for the sake of looking or keeping busy…” and Merriam-Webster says “…work that usually appears productive or of […]

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Specialization? Diversification? Do you mean Improvisation?

Some people call for specialization. Our companies, our businesses, aren’t specialized, aren’t differentiated, enough, they say. Yet others call for greater diversification. We need to expand our repertoire in order to traverse the bumpy terrain of the business world effectively. Which is right, you might ask, and of course it is both. Businesses do not make […]

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If You Need External Funding, Do You Have A Viable Business?

I have the military to thank for this concept. That is, when you’ve been assigned a mission, you are expected to assume that all resources necessary for the successful prosecution of the mission have been allocated. If you request for more resources, that request is always predicated on the assumption that it will accelerate the […]

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Wannabe Entrepreneur? Try Intrapreneurship First!

Tired of your job? No one appreciates how wonderful and valuable you really are? Sack your Boss and become an entrepreneur? Sure, do that! But before you do, you might like to consider the following intrapreneurship qualities: 1.     Are you REALLY good at your current job? Ask your co-workers. Not directly, ask around […]

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The Intrapreneur State

Intrapreneur is actually the same as entrepreneur except it operates within the framework of a larger organization that the Intrapreneur does not own. I think that most of us are born with an entrepreneurial mindset already embedded within us. Tragically, this is eroded by the time we get to school and start working, and is replaced […]

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